GoZen! Anxiety Relief For Kids


The works here demonstrate some of the projects I was a part of since 2017. Most of the content we created at GoZen! is subscription-based so it's proprietary in nature, but these examples are all free for your eyes to enjoy :) To learn more about GoZen! visit their site HERE

Virtual Summit Trailers & Bumpers

Below are the trailers and bumper animations I created for the virtual summits hosted by GoZen! and affiliate parties.

The trailers are examples of video-editing, script-writing and sound design.

Prisma Pals

A specific project I worked on with a colleague at GoZen! was designing and animating a group of anthropomorphic characters to represent the seven chakras. These characters would then go on to be used for meditation practices, mindfulness illustrations, and short kid-friendly yoga videos.

Character Design & Revamp

Some examples of the characters I designed for the animated videos along with some revamping of old characters.