HAIA is a 360º wellness brand that promotes positive mental health using organic skin care. I designed the characters that represent the brand, storyboarded and animated the promo, and did all of the post production. The brand soft launched in September of 2019 with the promotional animation below and fully launched in March of 2020 with more animated content that is posted further down and also available on their website HERE. Scroll below to see more.

Short Videos

I was responsible for creating a 90 sec-2 min video featuring each character to represent one of the five different skin care lines within HAIA's brand. The characters had up to 2 minutes to describe their specific contribution to the brand, then highlight the skin care line they were paired with.

Character Design

I was responsible for creating a character for each of the five different skin care lines within HAIA's brand based off the unique dispositions of each line, along with creating a spokesperson to spearhead the charge based off the Owner/Creator of HAIA. The characters went through a transformation halfway through in order to better fit the brands overall new image.


After Character Design and Creation, I was responsible for taking the written scripts and transferring them into storyboards.

Post Production - Compositing

The character animation was hand-drawn in 2D via Adobe Animate CC and composited in Adobe AfterEffects along with additional motion graphics. Breakdown video to be uploaded soon.